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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Menu and Tell Me What You Like About Easter.

Sunday- Chicken Kabobs
with chef salad
Monday- ??????????
Tuesday- French Dip Sandwiches
Wednesday- Leftovers
Thursday- Spaghetti
Friday- Baked *Fried* Chicken
Saturday- Shepherd's Pie

This is my Menu for this week so you know there's nothing really to show but I will try. Monday we don't know what to have but as soon as I know I will do it. This Easter in church we are having an Easter Egg hunt for the activities day for the girls. At our home market in the front entrance we have a big box that says "Donate Candy For The Easter Egg Hunt" we buy a big bag of candy and Donate it to the Easter Egg Hunt. So I am so happy, for Activities Day all of the girls get to fill up the Eggs with all of the candy I think it will be fun for all of us.  And tell me what YOU like about Easter.

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